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Hell Yeah or No: what's worth doing (2022)
Hell Yeah or No: what's worth doing (2022)

By Derek Sivers

Useful wisdom. Simple profound mental models to guide your decisions.

Overwhelmed? If you feel anything less than "hell yeah!" about something, say no. We say yes too often. By saying no to almost everything, you leave space and time in your life to throw yourself completely into the few things that matter most.

After Derek Sivers' "hell yeah or no" rule was adopted by podcasters, bloggers, and investors, he compiled related ideas into this useful, profound, and surprising book around the themes of what's worth doing, fixing faulty thinking, and making things happen.


  • Be proud to be a slow thinker.

  • Goals shape the present, not future.

  • Assume you're below average.

  • Life has no speed limit.

  • What's obvious to you is amazing to others.

  • Relax for the same result.

The first 15,000 early buyers of 'Hell Yeah or No' have posted hundreds of 5-star reviews at sive.rs/n - but it is now being released to a wider audience.

Published: May 1, 2022
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