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The Wealth of Nations (2013)
The Wealth of Nations (2013)

By Adam Smith

A Masterpiece of Economic Analysis Firstly Published in 1776 by Adam Smith—The Wealth of Nations

An American statistic shows that, due to its significant global impact, "The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith" was the most important document published in 1776.This book, long considered to be the magnum opus of the Scottish philosopher and economist Adam Smith, offers a deep analysis into the causes and nature of the wealth of nations.

Though first published in 1776, many of Adam Smith's arguments for raising living standards are still relevant today. More than that, they form the fundamental basis for classical economic theory.

By reflecting upon the economics at the beginning of the industrial revolution, the book treats broad topics such as the division of labor, division of stock, the progress of opulence, and more.

In the early days, economics was about the king's interests, and the wealth of a nation was measured by the king's treasury or by the gold and silver in the country.

However, Smith believed that if everyone did what was best for themselves, the result would be best for society.

The Wealth of Nations provides the first and most eloquent integrated description of the workings of a market economy.

This Unabridged Edition offers the modern reader a fresh look at A Timeless And Seminal Work That Revolutionized the way governments and individuals view the creation and dispersion of wealth.

Here is a bit of what you will discover in this blueprint.

  • The principle leading to the division of labor.

  • The origin and use of money.

  • The Real and Nominal Price of Commodities.

  • Money as a Branch of the General Stock of Society.

  • The Accumulation of Capital.

  • How City Commerce Improves the Country.

And much more!

This "The Wealth of Nations" edition is a blueprint that everyone should have on their shelf.

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Published: December 31, 2013
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